Digital M&A Fluency Prerequisite for M&A VP Job

We see an increasing number of people in the process of interviewing for an M&A VP role and other leadership positions that tell us a requirement for the candidate process is to present a solid plan for using M&A software to build a systematic M&A program.

This is a telling sign that companies are increasingly embracing Digital M&A software and view digitalization as a key enabler for having a systematic and transparent M&A program that can consistently produce predictable results. The bottom line: fluency with Digital M&A technologies is becoming a must for newly hired M&A VPs.

If you are interested in developing your digital fluency and edge in the hiring process, we encourage you to explore our comprehensive Digital M&A academy or reach out to us directly.

Some seminal articles to start with include:

Our team would be more than happy to help you prepare a sound plan and a killer presentation for your deal management software and M&A digitalization approach.

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