Robust M&A Playbooks: Learnings for Better Planning and Execution

There is power in collective learnings. Think about maps and how our ancestors were once reliant on their individual memories of the places they explored. Think about online product ratings and how we used to ask around for insights from trusted friends about a product before deciding to buy it. Once this individual information was collected into a centralized location, more people could benefit and more effectively.

We want to collect and aggregate M&A best practices and learnings to benefit teams around the world. We want to set up these teams for success so that they can ensure that no set of tasks are overlooked, and no information is miscommunicated. And, we want them to be able to hit the ground running sooner, with the processes they are already familiar with or with processes they’ve never seen before.

Over the past few years, our M&A experts at Midaxo have been working with contacts at hundreds of companies and we are excited to announce the availability of our first set of M&A Playbooks. The playbooks consist of task lists, best practice guidance, process blueprints and more. As these playbooks are only available to Midaxo customers through the Midaxo Platform, please contact your Customer Success Manager to request them.

We are inviting customers to explore the list of playbooks available as it evolves and improves beyond this first set of playbooks. This is how we expect the playbooks offering to grow and expand:

  • New Use Cases - This first set of playbooks covers key workstreams in M&A Due Diligence and Post-Merger Integration. We will expand the library on a quarterly basis to include a broader range of playbooks for processes related to corporate development and beyond - including divestments, corporate venturing, employee onboarding, Six Sigma, GDPR compliance and more.
  • Industry and Geographic Focus – Starting in Q4, Playbooks will be introduced that are specific to an industry, a country, or a deal size. These will help a deal team understand whether there is anything crucial that needs to be considered for a deal in a particular industry or whether there any differences in laws or regulations that need to be factored into due diligence and/or integration efforts, etc.
  • Enhancements - Improvements will be made to some playbooks based on changes in laws/regulations and tax rates, etc.

    What else should we explore? Any new use cases you would like to see? Tell us in the comments below.

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