Midaxo Does Not Utilize SolarWinds’ Orion Products

On December 15, 2020, SolarWinds announced that it had identified a vulnerability specific versions of SolarWinds’ Orion Platform. Recently, additional vulnerabilities have been discovered in the same products.

These vulnerabilities have impacted several software companies. Many customers have contacted us to find out if we use the affected SolarWinds products.

Midaxo doesn’t use – and has never used – any of the SolarWinds’ Orion products in the software development or production environments. The SolarWinds incident has not impacted us.

We use the most modern tools to monitor our environments for any suspicious activity continuously. We have also contacted our suppliers to make sure that the incident has not impacted them or that they have taken the recommended steps to mitigate the risks caused by the vulnerabilities.

As protecting our customers’ information is critical for Midaxo, our security team continues monitoring the situation. With questions or concerns, please contact us at


Ari Salonen
Chief Executive Officer

Juha-Pekka Laine
Vice President, Technology

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