Coming Soon: Three New Synergy Offerings for Value Creation in Midaxo

With rising M&A deal premiums and higher expectations for value creation, planning for and effectively executing on initiatives post-deal is becoming increasingly important. To empower our customers to achieve a new level of performance in creating value, we are excited to announce three new offerings with Midaxo.

  • Synergy Planner- for creating a deal thesis for value creation
  • Synergy Accelerator Playbooks- for building processes to support value creation activities such as Multi-site Rationalization
  • Synergy & KPI Tracking in Midaxo- for more granular value creation planning as well as real-time tracking and reporting of synergies and other KPIs

Synergy Planner (Available Now)

This is an interactive and visual tool for creating a thesis for value creation, allowing you to simulate different scenarios and project anticipated synergies.

Synergy Planner Announcement

According to Kalle Kilpi, Midaxo Co-Founder:

“To drive a value creation focused M&A process, a thesis for value creation should be one of the first things to be established when considering an acquisition opportunity.

Establishing the thesis early enables the deal evaluation and due diligence process to focus on refining and validating assumptions behind the thesis. The Synergy Planner makes this easier to do.”

Synergy Accelerator Playbooks (Available Now)

Expanding our already extensive selection of expert-developed M&A playbooks, we have added additional value creation playbooks starting with General Real Estate (Multisite) Rationalization. The full collection will continue to grow over time and already includes a playbook for Legal Entity Rationalization.

Synergy and KPI Tracking (Coming Soon)

This new module will enable you to add initiatives and sub-initiatives and then track KPIs and report on your progress with analytics dashboards and reports. Our Synergy Guide will help you plan and execute on value creation initiatives. 

Synergy & KPI Tracking Announcement

This new module in Midaxo will allow you to:

  • Import initiatives from Microsoft Excel or add them manually.
  • Add granularity to the initiatives and value capture potential defined during the deal evaluation phase.
  • Prioritize initiatives to pursue, add descriptions for each, and define planned KPIs— including cost synergies, headcount synergies, one-time costs, one-time revenues, value capture, and more (or define your own KPI types).
  • Track KPIs over time and visualize your actual progress against your plan and your reforecasted metrics.
  • Build meaningful real-time reporting with Midaxo’s powerful analytics technology and leverage best practice templated developed with M&A Practitioners and Consultants.

We are very excited about this new Synergy and KPI Tracking module! We've worked with several of our customers to ensure that this module is powerful, easy to adopt, and flexible.  

With Synergy and KPI tracking in Midaxo, you will be able to better prioritize efforts and make better decisions with real-time insights and reporting.

To learn more about these new offerings, please contact us.

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