M&A Takes Flight: What’s Next in Aviation Deal Making?

Massive strides in innovation are disrupting today's traditional transportation systems. Through ride-sharing, autonomous technology, alternative energy and fuel developments, investors and corporates have capitalized on transportation industry shifts. Now, sights are set on the new frontier of travel opportunities – aviation. 

What You Need to Know About SaaS Due Diligence

Slack is worth over $5 billion. Shopify, $10 billion. LinkedIn was acquired for $26 billion and Salesforce is nearing $100 billion in market cap.

The shared trait among these tech stars: a SaaS (software as a service) business model. Unlike physical inventory and brick and mortar governed growth, cloud- based software has created a rapid and profitable way for a company to scale.   

What’s Next In Pharma M&A?

For the last year, traditional and bio-pharmaceutical deal making has been in a holding pattern. Uncertainty regarding U.S. tax plan implications, steep deal prices, geopolitical uncertainties and questions around breakthrough drug performances – such as the first gene therapy from Spark Therapeutics and cancer-killing T-cells being sold by Novartis and Gilead – have all tempered M&A activity.

Webinar: Why You Need More than a VDR to Run a Modern Divestment Process

Divesting a company, business division or product line is a common M&A activity as companies seek to realign their portfolios, position themselves for future growth prospects and respond to market requirements. Project managing a divestment is a significant undertaking and can direct attention away from the running of everyday business operations – efficiency is therefore key.

In this webinar, Tom Allen and Justin Briody of Midaxo will discuss how to run a more efficient M&A divestment project in Midaxo. The webinar agenda covers:

  • An overview of why taking an “analog” approach to project managing divestments is inefficient and why it makes sense to digitalize the process;
  • A walk-through of how the Midaxo platform can be configured for a divestment use case – including: how to project manage potential buyers, NDAs and key deal documents within a centralized platform;
  • How Midaxo removes the need for non-M&A specific tools and supports greater collaboration across teams;
  • How Midaxo can be used by a seller to prepare for a divestment and become “sales-ready.”

How M&A is Turbocharging the Race for Auto Industry Dominance

Like proverbial sharks in the water, some 1,700 startups are circling auto industry incumbents. Emboldened by funding, shifting consumer tastes, compelling tech and the trail-blazing success of pioneers such as Tesla, this burgeoning auto-tech set is ready to make auto manufacturing, ownership, financing and servicing better, cheaper, faster and safer.

What the Tech Giants Can Teach Us About M&A Strategy

For truly transformative M&A – the type that seizes on market opportunity, becomes a competitive differentiator and lends itself to business-model improvement – companies need to look no further than the M&A activity of the world’s most dominant technology players. 

How to Approach IT Post-Merger Integration

Information Technology within companies has moved from a position in which it is seen as a cost to one in which it is seen as an asset. In the digital era, in which customers increasingly expect service anytime, anywhere, IT is at the core of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Consequently, the IT integration aspects of M&A are becoming increasingly important.

Beating the Odds in Healthcare M&A

For anyone working in Healthcare M&A, 2018 is set to be an interesting year. Widespread predictions of a buoyant 2018 are already holding true, with the sector demonstrating its strongest start for deal making in more than a decade. A myriad of factors are set to fuel 2018 Healthcare M&A. These include healthcare acquirers targeting:

  • More effective patient outcomes
  • Operating cost efficiencies
  • Opportunities for continued innovation
  • Digital health

GDPR Compliance: New Rules For M&A?

On May 25th, 2018, the major data privacy legislation known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect. GDPR introduces substantial changes to existing European Union privacy laws and provides a regulatory framework for the treatment of personal data belonging to EU citizens. Given the linkage between personal data exchange and M&A transaction activity, teams engaged in deal making need to understand the implications to their due diligence and transaction processes.

How to Score an M&A Target: Introducing The Goldman Gates Deal Scoring Tool

We are excited to have partnered with Peter Zink Secher, author of The M&A Formula, to introduce The Goldman Gates Deal Scoring Tool. In The M&A Formula, this tool is a way to screen targets and make a quick 'Go' or 'No Go' decision. Peter discusses his Formula and the Goldman Gates model in our recent webinar.

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