Task Permissions for User Groups

The long-awaited task permissions for user groups are finally here! In the past, you could use groups only to control user access to projects. With the latest Midaxo update, you can now manage permissions for groups at the task level as well. This makes managing permissions across a large team quicker and easier.

Before testing the new feature, we recommend users to clear their browser cache.

When you add a group to your project, the group will appear in the permissions grid. You can specify the permissions for all current and future members of the group there (yes, the permissions apply even if you add a user to the group later).

You can also add groups of users to your project templates and specify the permissions for them in the templates. Later, when you create a new project using the template with the predefined project membership and permission settings, the new project will copy the settings from the template.

Task permissions table screenshot

Minor improvements to the task progress widget

The task progress widget that we introduced in August has been further improved too, based on the feedback we received. (Thanks for that!) We are still planning some smaller tweaks but the biggest change right now is that you can display a progress bar summarizing the full status of all your selected projects and tasks. This is especially handy if your project is split into multiple projects in Midaxo and you want an overall report for them.

Progress Echo Integration Progress

What’s next?

We are still working on some improvements when importing projects from Excel. Specifically, we are planning to show how the import is progressing and we will let you know when the import is finished. We are also considering lifting the limit on the number of projects that can be imported at one go. This cannot work without making the user interface faster and easier to use, so you can look forward to this improvement too.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts! If you want to hear more or participate in feedback sessions, contact us at

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