New in Midaxo: Task tree editor, import task hierarchy, and more...

We're excited to introduce to you the latest improvement to the Midaxo platform: the task tree editor. Read on for details how this new feature will help you keep all your tasks in order. We'll also recap some of the other smaller improvements and fixes we've made over the past few months in case you've missed them.

NEW: Task tree editor

The task tree editor helps prevent conflicts when multiple admins are working on a project's task list simultaneously. Project and process admins should use the task tree editor to change the order or hierarchy of tasks in a project. Click "Edit task tree", drag-and-drop tasks as you've done before, and Save to accept the changes. Only one admin may use the task tree editor in a project at any given time. Read more

Recap: Import tasks from Excel with hierarchy

In June we extended the capabilities of the "Import from Excel" option in the task tree so you can import the full task hierarchy, not just the task names. We've even provided a template to help you prepare your tasks for import. Especially for long task lists, this should save you time and reduce errors. Read more

Recap: My Tasks breadcrumbs and fixes

In May we added the "breadcrumbs" of each task listed in the My Tasks view. The parent task name is shown in gray, and the full task hierarchy can be revealed with the (…) button. This should help you to understand the context of your assigned tasks and reduce confusion with similarly named tasks. Read more

Recap: More actions available in Documents lists

In the project Documents list, you can now click through to the task where the document is hosted, if any. This helps when you need to write a comment to the document owner, look for related documents, or check the document's activity log.

Also in Documents views, the download, replace, and share actions were moved to an action list behind the (…) button for a cleaner look. “Get a link" was also added to the list for preparing meeting minutes, emails, etc. Read more

Recap: Fix for export of Task Progress widget

In the release on June 20, we also released a fix for an issue that was causing some incomplete data to be exported from the Task Progress widget in Analytics. Read more

Recommendations for Windows 7 users

If you still run Windows 7 on your PC, we strongly recommend upgrading to Windows 10 for a better user experience and increased security. However, if that is not possible, we recommend installing an "easy fix" from Microsoft to ensure that you will be able to open Office documents from Midaxo. Otherwise, you will likely run into a "Sorry we couldn't open…" error. Read more

We hope you appreciate all these improvements!  If you have any questions about any of these items, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or write to Midaxo Support.

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