New in Midaxo: Convert user accounts, Company Admin role, Midaxo Titanium, and more

We're delighted to introduce to you the latest improvement to the Midaxo platform, including new ways to manage user accounts and a major overhaul to the core of the platform.

These changes are available to some customers already and will be rolled out to all customers in the coming weeks.  We will inform customers by email when their accounts have been updated.

Midaxo Titanium

We've invested a huge chunk of our development capacity over the past year to create a next-generation version of the Midaxo platform, which we call Midaxo Titanium.  With lots of changes under the hood, our transformed platform gives us the ability to introduce major new features and capabilities at a much faster pace and improve your day-to-day experience.

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"Text users" renamed "Contacts" and can be converted to user accounts

Midaxo M&A software - user changes

Placeholder "text user" accounts have been renamed "Contacts" and can now be converted to active user accounts when needed.  Likewise, active user accounts can be deactivated to Contacts when users no longer need Midaxo access.  Instead of deleting users accounts, convert users to Contacts to free up licenses while maintaining all profile info, assignments, and permissions.

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New Company Admin role and account settings

Midaxo M&A software - account settings

A new Company Admin role has been introduced to improve visibility and manage security settings in your company's Midaxo account.  Your designated Company Admin will be able to monitor license usage across all processes and set a custom password policy for all users in your company account.

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Additional fixes and improvements

  • Project members will begin seeing email notifications about task assignments that are inherited from a parent task.  Read more...
  • Users can modify their email and Office integration settings per process. Read more...
  • Project Admins can now drag-and-drop their own projects in the pipeline. Read more...
  • Process admins can see a list of projects every user group has access to. Read more...

Updated password policy

We've strengthened the default password policy.  You will be asked to change your password when you sign in next if it does not meet the new criteria.  Additionally, your Company Admin may configure a company-specific password policy. 

Reminder for Windows 7 users

If you still run Windows 7 on your PC, we strongly recommend upgrading to Windows 10 for a better user experience and increased security. If that is not possible, we recommend installing an "easy fix" from Microsoft to be able to work with Office documents smoothly.  Read more...

We hope you appreciate all these improvements!  If you have any questions about any of these items, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or write to

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