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Midaxo Announces VDR+: The Next Generation Virtual Data Room

We are excited to announce our next generation Virtual Data Room, VDR+, that combines our powerful process management and collaboration capabilities with VDR functionality.  This new feature is currently in beta with a handful of our Fortune 500 customers and will soon be available as a standard part of the Midaxo platform for all customers.  

We have long seen a huge opportunity to greatly improve the traditional VDR experience, given that little to no improvement has been made to the typically used platforms over the past 10 years. Most VDRS today are still basically folders and files with a simple web user interface.  

Next Generation VDR Combines Process and Document Management  

In Midaxo’s VDR+ solution, everything revolves around the review process and buyer’s DD questions, instead of file folders. This makes it much easier to focus on relevant items, assign responsibilities, have transparency to the information review process and collaborate on open questions.   

Said another way, having your due diligence questionnaire in Midaxo makes it immediately structured, shareable, assignable, and trackable.

virtual data room (VDR) in midaxo platform

Midaxo’s M&A platform is used by many of the world’s most active acquirers and our main use case will be to serve these customers in all their VDR needs whether it means divesting businesses, carve-outs or funding rounds.

Clients Can Save Tens to Hundreds of Thousands on VDR Costs  

Many of our pilot customers believe they can save between tens to hundreds of thousands on third-party VDR costs after adopting this functionality, which also adds value by accelerating their process.  

But Wait, There’s More  

We’re excited to introduce this new functionality, and are only just getting started. We have further releases in the pipeline with even more ground-breaking features, including artificial intelligence and other innovative solutions.

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