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Midaxo Analytics: A Complete Overview of Your Deal Portfolio

Midaxo Analytics gives a bird’s-eye view of your deal portfolio and enables easy drill-down for ad-hoc analytics. You can report on any data on the cover page. As the cover page structure is fully configurable, only imagination limits what kind of analytics can be created!

We have developed Midaxo Analytics in collaboration with clients who are frequent acquirers and who run many other corporate development processes such as divestments, restructurings, compliance filings, alliances, outsourcing deals, etc. Therefore, Midaxo Analytics is versatile and applicable to any process.

Analytics for all organizational levels

Different target groups need different kinds of analytics. While the corporate top management concentrates on how the company is executing its growth strategy, business units and operative management can have their own, focused analytics. Midaxo Analytics is fully integrated with the permission management system, so every user’s analytics are composed only of the deals they have access to.

Reporting levels in a large corporation:

M&A reporting - organizational heirarchy

Creation of analytics is now easy and fast!

Static dashboards as well as ad-hoc analytics can be created as easily as everything else in Midaxo. Our dashboard builder makes it simple to create new views and add reporting widgets of different types. The following are some examples of the different types of analytics you can create.

Midaxo software screenshot - deals report

Overall M&A portfolio

Analytics to maintain a big picture of what we have on the pipeline and how it matches our growth targets, i.e:

  • Aggregate value, revenue and headcount of acquisition prospects, ongoing deals and done acquisitions
  • Segmentation of the deals by business unit, market, region, product line, etc.

Understand pipeline metrics

Analytics to understand if we have enough prospects on the pipeline, i.e.:

  • Number of new and closed deals by month (To see if the pipeline is shrinking or growing)
  • Amount of revenue, headcount, etc. on the pipeline
  • Period of time the M&A process takes on average

Benchmark deals, business units, regions

Analytics to see the relative performance of different business units or valuation levels in different regions, i.e.:

  • EV/EBITDA by region or business unit
  • Aggregate value of deals and prospects by target market
  • Valuation comparison between similar deals

Resources allocation and project activity

  • Number of deals each deal manager is working on
  • Projects that are idling with no recent activity
  • Number of deals each business unit is working on

Our customer advocates are happy to help and receive feedback!

Every customers’ reporting needs are different and our customer advocates are happy to help you build the perfect analytics dashboards for your individual needs. Although we think Midaxo Analytics is already quite impressive, we are also continuously looking for client feedback and ways to improve.

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