Introducing Midaxo Titanium: Taking Your Deals to the Next Level

In the past 12 months, we have invested over 20 person years developing a next generation version of our cutting-edge technology platform – Midaxo Titanium. 

What is included?

While most of the changes are under the hood, they will directly impact how you use Midaxo today, and how you can leverage it even more in the coming weeks. With an improved core, your day-to-day user experience will be unlike ever before. This new architecture paves the way for:

  • Synergy Tracking
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • More Advanced Real-time Reporting
  • Unlimited flexibility across a range of digitalized business processes – including those outside of M&A

Our transformed platform gives us the ability to introduce major new features and capabilities at a much faster pace. While we are already the most widely adopted and fastest growing M&A platform, these changes put us even further ahead of the competition. We look forward to taking your deals to the next level.     

When is it happening?

This new exciting change is being rolled out in the coming weeks. Existing customers will be the first to know as soon as their accounts are updated.

If you have any questions about this progressive foot forward, give us a shout at

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