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Improved Task Permissions

In the new version, Midaxo provides better granularity on task permissions. For each task, project administrators can set an administrator and decide who can add or modify documents, who can only read them, and who has no access at all.

Midaxo M&A software - permissions table screenshot

For example, integration stream leads may have full administration rights to add, remove and schedule tasks in their own stream, but have no edit rights to other streams. The new options also bring our reverse VDR capabilities to a new level as you have greater controls to what sell-side representatives can do in Midaxo.

Here is what the different permissions mean:

No Access


Users with this access rule set on a task cannot see the task or the documents, events, and issues linked to it.



Users with this access rule can see the task title and its position in the task tree because it includes a subtask with a higher permission level granted. This permission level cannot be set manually; it is set by the system to keep the task tree consistent.

Read Only


Users with this access rule set on a task can see the task and the documents, events, and issues linked to it. They can see all the details and download documents, but they cannot modify anything.



Users with this access rule set on a task can do everything users with read-only access can, but they can also add or modify documents, issues, and events. They can also link documents, issues, and events to other tasks, but they cannot delete them. However, they are not allowed to change the schedule (i.e., the due date).



Task admins can do everything users with editing access can. In addition, task admins can add new subtasks; delete documents, issues, or events; and change the schedule.

These permissions are effective only on the task level. Task admins currently cannot grant permissions to other users or modify the project team.

Learn more about task permissions in our FAQ.

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