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Midaxo's DNA: Our Company Values

Working at a startup is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling opportunities I’ve ever had. As one of the lucky individuals who joined Midaxo early on, I’ve had the opportunity to watch the company grow from being a toddler who is exploring a brand new world into a more mature adult who knows what they need to do next. As we grow, we know that in order to stay true to who we are, we need to capture the values we embody as a company. In defining our values, we are creating the foundation to guide us as we continue to grow as an organization.

We know the values we choose couldn’t just end up as words on a wall, they would have to truly capture what it means to be a part of Midaxo. By doing this, our values aren’t just words we aspire to, but they’re actions that we’re already living. Below are the values that we at Midaxo choose to live by every day:

1. Driven by our Customer’s Success:

Our customer’s success is essential to our own success. We aim to add value and exceed expectations with every customer interaction.

How we live it:

Whether customer facing or not, we’re always looking at how our roles will impact a customer. In my case it’s about helping hire the right people to delight our customers everyday. For our marketing team it’s about being efficient with the campaigns they produce and ensuring our target audience is reached. Our Devs write efficient code for a great user experience. Everyone knows they have an impact and that we can’t succeed without making our customers successful.

2. Always be Growing:

It doesn’t matter where we come from, it matters what we are capable of as individuals. We believe that investing in employee’s growth means investing in the Company’s growth. We love the challenge that growth brings, we seek it out, and we thrive on it.

How we live it:

One of the coolest things about being at Midaxo is that a large majority of the employees didn’t know much about mergers and acquisitions before we started. We learned the industry on the job through reading books, attending events with some of the world’s leading experts, and through engaging (or maybe just working) with our customers. We were given an opportunity to learn something new and we thrive on that opportunity in both our personal and professional life. There’s always somewhere for us to improve and grow our skills and Midaxo allows us that opportunity.

3. Get S#!t Done:

We thrive in a high-achieving environment where we hold ourselves, and each other, accountable to work as hard as we can. We value the need to balance this drive with the need to take time off and live full lives outside of work, in order to remain a high-performance company.

How we live it:

If a task is put in front of a Midaxian it gets done. It doesn’t matter how big or how small the project is we have no doubt that our employees can handle it. We are driven to succeed both professionally and personally and it shows with every single employee’s attitude.

4. Brave & Bold:

Think big, start small, go fast! We value people who take initiative and are willing to experiment on the path to greatness. We grow fast, fail fast, learn fast, and adjust on our way to success.

How we live it:

At Midaxo no idea is immediately discounted. Our employees are creative and innovative and we want to utilize their insights. Whether it’s experimenting with a new form of outreach to gain new clients, trying out a new event or simply ordering a new brand of coffee to keep the office caffeinated, we’re committed to learning, making mistakes and boldly charging forward.

5. Respectful & Inclusive:

We don’t believe in false hierarchy, we believe in the strength of an idea. Regardless of an individual’s background, experience or title, we value differences and everyone’s contribution.

How we live it:

Our leadership team is very approachable, and is willing to listen to employee ideas and suggestions, no matter the level of the employee. We have embraced bringing on individuals from a variety of backgrounds to increase our diversity of thought and this helps us see a multitude of perspectives.

6. Humble & Grateful:

We acknowledge our past successes and are appreciative of where we are now. We respect the work that has been done, and the work that needs to be done to push us beyond what we know is possible.

How we live it:

We recognize who we are, what has made us successful thus far, and the people who got us to where we are today. We understand that our product is truly revolutionizing a market, but we continuously strive to be better, knowing that competition is out there.

These values are what have defined Midaxo since 2011. We just needed to codify them so that we can now be conscious of them and not forget where we came from. Defining these values is not just another box for us to check in our journey as a company. Defining these values is important to Midaxo so that we can remember what got us to where we are today and propel us forward into a new stage of growth. We have actively chosen to live by these values and will continue to push each other and hold ourselves accountable.

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