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Midaxo Culture: Because Who Doesn't Like Good Culture?

When I joined Midaxo’s Culture and Events Team, I was looking to make a positive impact on the company. The day-to-day of being a Senior Sales Development Rep is fast-paced and challenging, plus our team is already relatively close-knit. 

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But here’s the thing. I signed up to the role because I was so impressed with the team. Once I arrived I wanted to have a hand in molding the culture that I fell for, so I became an active leader in the C&E Team. Since then, I haven’t looked back. It’s hard to do that when you have so much to look forward to.

As I see it, the Culture and Events Team exists for two reasons: to welcome new employees and to maintain the positive culture we have here at Midaxo. As a company we’re growing fast, and we didn’t want to develop the growing pains that make it hard for companies to maintain their culture.

The C&E Team does a lot to alleviate that. When you’re a new employee, it can feel like you’re both invisible and hyper-visible, so we hold a monthly lunch for our new hires so that we can immerse them in our culture. Those monthly lunches do a lot to shrink the adjustment period for new hires; free food helps, along with the fact that everyone here goes out of their way to make newbies feel welcome.Midaxo Culture Team Meeting

Part of the reason we’ve managed to maintain such a friendly culture at Midaxo is because we work at it. Along with planning lunches, the C&E Team takes a pulse on the workplace culture and constantly solicits input from employees to make improvements on it. We’re also the ones that organize outings that give everyone a chance to hang out outside of work. We’ve recently done paintball (which really tests the limits of camaraderie), cocktail hours, potlucks, open-mic nights and tons of other activities. 

Personally, my favorite activity with the Midaxo team is volunteering. We’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to volunteer with Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a Boston-based org that provides support and resources to homeless youth. We did a clothing drive for professional attire and have gotten to chat with members of the program about applying for jobs and planning future careers.

What I love about our team is that everyone did those things without being paternalistic or condescending, which is a trap that so many people fall into when volunteering. Instead of treating it like a lecture, we got pizza with the BOTW members and chatted in a low-key way about chasing after your professional goals.

That attitude-- that commitment to being down-to-earth, friendly, and helpful-- is what makes the team here so incredible. Too often, when you meet people this smart and driven, you also find that they’re more focused on their careers than going the extra mile to be good citizens.

That appreciation for a life outside of work-- I’d even say a life that’s more than one’s work-- is a real priority here company-wide. We all feel an obligation to the company, but also to our world and one another. We don’t work at the expense of everything else. In fact, I think many of us would argue that having rich lives outside of work is what allows us to be so happy and productive here.

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The whole reason that I accepted the job with Midaxo, came down to the people and the culture. When I think about the C&E Team, I sometimes end up thinking about the interview process here at Midaxo because it captured so much of what I love about this place. What struck me was that every conversation with someone from Midaxo left me feeling energized rather than drained (which is amazing during the job hunt, when everything feels draining). That positive energy was and is infectious, and I haven’t forgotten how exhilarating that was as a then-outsider. You can’t bottle that energy. But, as the C&E Team taught me, you can nurture it.

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