Creating a Team and Leveraging their Diverse Backgrounds

It’s easy to gravitate toward people who are just like us and whose trajectories look like our own. Similarity is comfortable, and surrounding yourself with people who took identical paths makes it easier to find common ground.

However, a group of similar people are not positioned to produce new ideas. If people have had the same experiences, they’ll often come up with the same solutions and stumble over the same obstacles. At Midaxo, a late-stage start-up, we seek out people whose perspectives feel fresh rather than familiar. And it’s why regardless of where people start, anyone can become a Midaxian.

When people choose to apply to Midaxo, they’re often specifically looking for a dramatic change. Johnathan Millett, a Strategic Partnerships Manager got his start in finance and wanted to switch from banking to Midaxo for its dynamic environment: “I wanted to take a risk at a start-up and knew it had tremendous potential.” Tom Allen, M&A Lead at Midaxo with a background in finance, wanted to work somewhere that gave him more satisfaction than the buttoned-up finance roles that he left behind. Apart from cherishing not having to wear a suit (“I’ve only had to wear one once since I’ve been at Midaxo”), he says that his work on M&A content and business development, “is so much more enjoyable,” adding, “It’s the first fulfilling job I’ve had.”

Some Midaxians come from entirely different fields before making their home here. Carly Kastel, who is leading the Sales Development Representative team, worked in casting in New York before coming to Midaxo once she moved to Boston. Carly admits that she wasn’t immediately sold on the company, but she was impressed by how open and appealing the culture was. “I was floored that a CEO would interview the reps. He took the time to speak with me for a full hour, and I left the interview feeling super energized. I took that as a good sign.”

Openness— in terms of communication and mindset— is what often attracts candidates to Midaxo; it’s also what helps people with different skillsets thrive here. Growth doesn’t happen overnight, but at Midaxo, employees get the room and opportunities they need to grow, no matter where they started from. As Carly said, “When I’m not good at something, I usually put it in the bucket of ‘I don’t like this.’ But once I started winning and feeling I had some success under my belt— deals started closing— I’m like, ‘You know what? I can do this.’”

Those successes are thanks to the hard work of individual Midaxians, and they’re also part of a broader, inclusive culture. When discussing his first few weeks at the company, Tom recalled, “It was so easy to find your place in the organization so quickly. I think the people are what made it so welcoming. They’re easy to work with, and from my perspective, there’s just no ego.”

A lack of ego is also what makes people comfortable with sharing ideas, regardless of their professional background or seniority. Tom specifically wanted to move away from companies where the prevailing thinking was, “If you’re at this level, we’re not listening to you.” Johnathan echoed his sentiment and emphasized the importance of open communication and encouraging debate: “We definitely don’t always agree on things, but that’s going to drive the business forward.” Carly adds, “When people disagree, it shows that they’ve bought into the company. They care. They’re passionate, and they bring new ideas to the table.”

Care, passion, and new ideas are what we want from Midaxians— not a particular degree or background. No matter where anybody starts, when they come to Midaxo, they’ll find themselves on a talented team on the crest of new possibilities.

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