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4 Reasons to Join Midaxo in 2018

There’s no denying it – Midaxo is an incredible place to work. There’s tangible evidence of this everywhere: from our 4.7/5 star rating on GlassDoor, to our smiling faces in our “Life at Midaxo” video.

2017 was a pivotal year for Midaxo. We:

  • Grew our headcount 150% and doubled our revenue;
  • Moved to a new office in the heart of Boston’s financial district;
  • Brought all offices together in Helsinki, Finland for our first ever Global Meetup; and
  • Broke records, and created new ones to beat, across all departments.
Midaxo Global Meetup

Our team at the Midaxo Global Meetup in Helsinki, Finland in August 2017.

But enough talk about last year. Where are we headed in 2018? Here are 4 reasons why I’m positive that this year will be our best one yet:

1. A Bigger, Better President’s Club

Last year, our Sales VP, Jennifer, created an incredible incentive for salespeople: Hit >125% of your 2017 quota and you can work from a Caribbean island of your choice for a full month with all expenses covered by Midaxo. I was personally laser-focused on that goal last year ... and I made it! I chose to work from the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe for a month. I have pictures to prove it:

Midaxo President's Club - Caribbean Beach

Working from a beach in the Caribbean is exactly as good as it sounds.

Midaxo President's Club - Guadeloupe Outlook

The view from this villa in Guadeloupe was beautiful and conducive to work!

This year, we’re shaking things up with an even bigger and better incentive, which is tailored to appeal to our growing sales team. It’s not necessarily feasible for folks (especially those with families) to jet off to the Caribbean for a full month.

But how about an all-expenses paid trip to Mexico? This year, President’s Club will be in Cancun at a 5-star, all-inclusive, adults-only resort. Everyone who qualifies will get a fully paid vacation, on Midaxo. I’m motivated; how about you?

2. The International Exchange Program

One of the outcomes of our Global Meetup in Helsinki was the Midaxo International Exchange Program. This program was built to foster better cross-departmental collaboration, promote a unified culture and enable a free-flowing exchange of ideas across the company. Thus, employees at Midaxo can sign up to work for 1-2 weeks from any of our global offices (Riga, Helsinki, Amsterdam, or Boston).

Midaxo CS and Sales Team Members - Amsterdam

Antti, Grace, and Pete cruising the canals in Amsterdam.

The Boston office had a blast hosting Gonzalo (from the Helsinki office) this February, and I’m looking forward to my own trip to Riga later this year.

3. Our Company Events & Giving Back

Midaxo empowers its employees to take on responsibility in key company-wide initiatives. This is one of my favorite parts of working in a startup; anyone can make a huge impact! One of our key focus areas is the Culture Initiative, which is led by one of our Sales Development Reps, Carly. Because of this initiative, we have regular events both in and out of the office.

Looking for examples? To name a few, there are monthly board game nights, cocktail soirees, mid-day meditation and yoga, karaoke nights and action-packed outings (most recently, paintball, and prior to that, trampoline dodgeball and laser tag).

Midaxo Team Outing - Paintball

The Boston team getting amped up prior to an intense session of paintball!

My favorite result of the Culture Initiative, however, has been the quarterly volunteering event. In December, our team volunteered at the Greater Boston Food Bank. Not only did we have tons of fun, but we also were incredibly thankful for the opportunity to give back to the community that has given us all so much. Next up, we'll be helping local at-risk young professionals learn the ins and outs of resumes and interviews.

4. Did I Mention Sales Contests Yet?

Our Sales Management team is constantly thinking of fun new ways to get the team excited about exceeding goals. Currently, we have a Fast Start Q1 Raffle going, where reps win raffle balls for various actions (e.g., most cold sourced deals in a month, large ACV booked, etc.). At the end of the quarter, we will have a drawing for prizes, which include gift cards to Airbnb and the Barbara Lynch restaurant group, a drone, a custom Midaxo corn hole set and sweet set of Sonos speakers.

Midaxo Sales Team - Pyramid Photo

The Midaxo Sales “pyramid”, taken at the Helsinki Global Meetup in August 2017.

We have tons of other ways to reward high performance, such as a Quarterly 100% Club outing, monthly trophies for the Top Closer and the Top SDR and more. I can’t wait to share what we have in store for the sales team next quarter.

If you’re interested in being part of a great team, check out our Careers page for open positions. We are hiring! Perhaps you’ll be the next trophy winner?


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