How to Get Fired as a VP of Corporate Development

This isn’t your typical “how-to” guide. At Midaxo, we talk to Heads of Corporate Development every day. We’ve found that the profile of your average Vice President of Corp Dev runs the gamut from seasoned professionals who are resistant to change, to eager, forward thinking folks who embrace change. Although no two individuals are alike, we have noticed some consistent pitfalls that all Heads of Corp Dev should avoid. These are the types of behaviors and oversights that get people fired. So, if you hate your job and want to lose it, please follow this guide:

5 Reasons Why Corporate Development Teams Fail

Throughout my time working at Midaxo, I’ve spoken with hundreds of M&A professionals who work for a wide variety of companies, ranging from a 1-person deal team at $12M annual revenue all the way up to a Fortune 10 company where hundreds of people are involved across many deals per year. The challenges that all these Corporate Development teams face, however, remain the same.

Here are the top 5: