M&A All-Stars Series: How to Build a Strategy-Oriented M&A Process

Midaxo's M&A All-Stars Series is a compilation of diverse M&A expertise provided by a wide range of M&A professionals. Ismo Matinlauri - VP at Cargotec Corporation - shares his views on how companies should have a strategy-driven approach to M&A as part of our first installment of this Series. Ismo has over 15 years of experience with M&A from strategy development and target screening up to integration planning and execution. Recently he has moved to project sales.

5 Reasons Why Corporate Development Teams Fail

Throughout my time working at Midaxo, I’ve spoken with hundreds of M&A professionals who work for a wide variety of companies, ranging from a 1-person deal team at $12M annual revenue all the way up to a Fortune 10 company where hundreds of people are involved across many deals per year. The challenges that all these Corporate Development teams face, however, remain the same.

Here are the top 5:

5 Must-Have Steps for Your Change Management Plan: How Software Can Make You the Hero

Buying M&A software without an adoption plan is like trying to fly a plane without wings - It won’t get off the ground. Imagine that you find a tool, fall in love with it, and convince your company to buy it … and then, no one uses it. You’ve damaged your reputation, and you’ve wasted money. It doesn’t have to be that way.