Effective Deal Sourcing - What Works Today?

Deal sourcing is fundamental to M&A activity and represents the first stage of any deal. Put simply, it involves creating leads and managing relationships with intermediaries so as to bring about a deal.

Why (and How) You Should Incorporate Post Merger Integration Thinking into Your M&A Process

A revolutionary shift in the M&A world took place years ago. This is when deal teams began Integration Planning prior to Day One of legal ownership of the acquired company. The concept is now recognized as a best practice in the M&A process.

Forward-thinking organizations in M&A have built a repeatable process, with proven playbooks and effective technology, to guide their deal teams. Yet still, research points to “Delays and a lack of preparedness” within Integration, to explain why only 30% of deals succeed. What other factors are eroding value in M&A? This article takes aim at one of the most prevalent bottlenecks that exist in even some of the most acquisitive companies: Mindset.

Too often, organizations performing M&A are focused on “Are we going to do this deal?”. Now there is nothing inherently wrong with that line of thinking, as getting a deal to close is no small task. That mindset though has proven to be ineffective in achieving deal synergies, so we have noticed forward-thinking organizations bringing about another revolutionary shift.

Webinar: Keeping Your Integration Team Focused on Value Creation

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Webinar recording: M&A-Specific Software Will Transform Your Day-to-Day for M&A Pipeline Management

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Webinar recording: How Software Helps You Communicate & Track a Clear Integration Plan

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Webinar recording: Bridging the Gap Between Buyer and Seller - Best Practices in Tech M&A

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Webinar recording: How Buy-Side Due Diligence Software Improves Your Process

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When the Right Solution Provider Makes All the Difference

While experiencing a burst in growth over the past decade, current customer and leading brand experience company, Freeman Co decided it was time to reevaluate its M&A process structure in order to support its quickly expanding pipeline of acquisition opportunities.

When Dawnn Repp, Chief Legal & Administrative Officer at Freeman, came across Midaxo as a viable M&A software solution, she had already been considering a few other competitor products. Did Midaxo stand out against our M&A rivals? In her words, "It wasn’t even close."

Want to learn more? Our in-depth customer case study dives into:

  • The primary M&A challenges Freeman was facing before partnering with Midaxo
  • How Midaxo provided solutions to alleviate these M&A aches and pains
  • Results of leveraging our M&A tools – and how they’ve set up Freeman for future success

Plus, Dawnn Repp shares her insights along the way! Could our next customer success story be yours?

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“There’s no question Midaxo truly values the customer experience, and they’re trying to make that better every day. How vocal Midaxo’s Community clientele is about their happiness with the product speaks for itself. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is looking for help with restructuring their M&A process.”
 – Dawnn Repp, Chief Legal & Administrative Officer, Freeman Co.

Webinar recording: Exponential Manufacturing and M&A

A presentation by Thomas H. Kessler from Global PMI Partners on how to bring “Exponential” to M&A Integration.

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8 Key Considerations for Expertly Evaluating M&A Software

The M&A software market is relatively new to the B2B technology landscape. Consequently, prospective buyers often approach their sales process without a firm grasp on the questions they should be asking—as well as the criteria they should be leveraging—to effectively narrow down their search for the right solution.