Successful Post-Merger Integration in 4 Steps

Post-merger integration requires resolute action. A digital M&A platform makes it easy to define and communicate a clear integration project plan and track its completion.

In this article we'll run an integration project, following these 4 steps:

  1. Define streams, objectives and relevant due diligence findings
  2. Define detailed project plans using best practice templates
  3. Collaboratively execute work, managing all integration related issues, documents and communication
  4. Report progress in real-time

1. Define streams, objectives and relevant due diligence findings

Typically, integration is divided into functional streams such as legal, financial, sales, technology, and production. The integration manager defines the key objectives for each stream and links the relevant due diligence findings.


Here's how to define functional streams and the objectives for them in Midaxo:Define streams

2. Define detailed project plan using best practice templates

At the beginning of the integration effort the stream leaders define the tasks for their streams. A good company-specific integration task list template will help them remember what needs to be done. The Midaxo integration template provides a generic integration task list that can help you get started is creating of your own template.
Download a Copy of Our  PMI Checklist TemplateAfter the stream leaders have drafted the initial task lists, each stream team holds a stream-specific kickoff meeting where the task list is finalized, responsibilities are assigned, and the task-specific goals and schedule are defined.


Here's how to define stream-specific task lists and detailed objectives in Midaxo:

Define task lists and objectives

A large number of the integration tasks are standard, while some are specific to the situation. The standard tasks should be defined in a template that can be reused in every project. 

3. Work collaboratively, managing all integration related issues, documents and communication

The integration team can work collaboratively, sharing one version of documents, task plans and all other information. New team members are productive instantly, with less training, as they get precise tasks, objectives and instructions. Midaxo also includes all the necessary software capabilities and eliminates the need to switch between systems. 

Work collaboratively

4. Report progress in real-time

The project management has real-time visibility of the overall progress and can drill-down to individual tasks, documents and issues.

Here's a progress report in Midaxo:

Progress report

Here's an issue view in Midaxo:

Issue view

The information needed for integration status reports is easy to compile:


Project Project