New Features in Midaxo’s M&A Software

What’s New in Midaxo M&A Platform

Midaxo is a platform used by many different users in many different roles. They have different tasks on their agenda, but they all want the same thing: to reach their goals as quickly as they can. Our goal in Midaxo is to present the information in our platform in a smart and intuitive way so our users can focus on their work rather than on the tool itself. With the new release out the door, you are going to be faster than before.

Here are the highlights of our latest release.

Improved search in Issues

The Project Issues page has got a new search. You can now search for values in specific fields and save them as filters. Fields that have a limited number of values support searching without typing, just check what you want to display:

New Features in Midaxo’s M&A Software

Task due dates in the task tree

All views now show task due dates. You no longer need to switch between the task guide and schedule when planning your project:

New Features in Midaxo’s M&A Software

In addition, we have changed the calendar picker so setting due dates or task durations is more intuitive and faster. 

New Features in Midaxo’s M&A Software

Read more about this feature in our FAQ.

New task status: Guidance only

Some projects tend to have tasks that serve as a guidance for the users. They are not actionable and are not meant to be tracked. They are used mostly as containers for notes and documents about the neighboring or child tasks. For such tasks, we have introduced a new status called “Guidance only.” Tasks at this status behave almost like “Ignored” tasks, but they are not calculated in the parent task’s progress in the progress page and their schedule is not displayed.

New Features in Midaxo’s M&A Software

Improved Office integration

The technology used by the browser plugin for the Microsoft Office integration will not be supported by the most common browsers by the end of this year. This has already prevented users with Chrome from opening and editing Office documents directly on Midaxo Platform.

We have changed the technology so Office documents can now be opened using all supported browsers. Please note that the minimum version of Office you need for this to work is Microsoft Office 2013.

What’s next?

In the next release, we’ll go back to improving task permissions. This time, we’ll add support for groups. You will no longer need to specify permissions for all the project members. It’ll be possible to add the project members to groups, add the groups to projects, and then specify the group permissions. This, we hope, will significantly cut the time needed to set up a bigger project and improve the page’s performance.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts! If you want to hear more or participate in feedback sessions, contact us at