Midaxo Story: Long Ho designs for meaningful interactions and puts his whole heart to it

Long Ho came from Vietnam to Finland about a decade ago to study business administration, but ultimately gave up business to learn web design.

In the very first Midaxo Stories post, Long will tell us more about his everyday work at Midaxo and what pushes him to exceed and be the best designer ever... no kidding, he's the very best! Take a look below what Long has to say. 

Name: Long Ho
Role/title: Designer (UI/UX)
Team: Marketing/Product development
Location: Helsinki
Motto/quote: "Just like music or literature, digital design is kind of an art. A designer's job is to embrace the beauty of human nature."

Could you tell us a bit about your background and why you joined Midaxo?

I came to Finland to study Business Management, but eventually found myself to be more and more interested in digital design. I enjoy working with layout, font, color, and creating meaningful interactions between the computer and the end user.

I joined Midaxo when it was still a small company. Consequently, I have seen it grow into the leading software provider in the M&A industry. Like in a good relationship, we somehow found each other with Midaxo at the right time and things started to evolve to the right direction from the very first moment our eyes met. I have not regretted my decision for a single day. Now, more than ever, is a great chance to be part of Midaxo's growth path and internationalization.

What do you do at Midaxo?

I’m doing exactly what I do best and like to do with my whole heart: design. My main responsibility is to design, maintain, and improve the user interface (UI) of Midaxo’s M&A Platform together with the developer team that's based here in Helsinki. I also help the sales and marketing team in the US to design the company website and other promotional materials. In short, I pretty much get to participate in anything that needs a designer perspective.

What do you like about your work and the company?

At Midaxo, I value the opportunity not only to do what I love but also to learn new things. As Midaxo is a young, fast-growing company, I can take part in various projects and I have gained the courage to work on different tasks. Naturally, it is demanding to learn continually, but the challenges I have confronted represent an opportunity for me to expand both my skillset and mind. I initially joined Midaxo as a web designer, but now I can call myself a full digital designer with versatile experience in software development, website administration, printing design, document design, and branding.

What is your normal work day like?

It depends on where I'm in the process of designing. For example, developing the interface for a new feature is different than improving or fine-tuning an existing one. Sometimes I work on both at the same time, which requires me to wear many hats at once. 

What makes Midaxo an awesome place to work at?

At Midaxo I have had the chance to meet with interesting people and understand new viewpoints. My work includes of a lot of communication: from listening to the customer advocates to understanding what users are looking for, from collaborating with the developers to implementing a design and further to reading feedback and exchanging ideas in terms of how to make the design better. These conversations are not any less important than the actual design job, because this is the means of getting ideas about how to make the design serve people and make their lives easier.

What is your best experience with Midaxo?

I have had a lot of great memories with Midaxo, but I don't think I'll ever forget the day I joined the company. I'm a self-taught web designer and prior to joining Midaxo, I didn’t have much experience in developing a platform that has thousands of users. However, I was willing to learn since I loved design and I knew what I could achieve in terms of making the interface more user-friendly. Lucky me, also my manager trusted in me. ;) Just like that, I was given the opportunity to bring my career to the next level. Nothing feels better than the moment when your passion is recognized.

Midaxo’s cloud software helps acquirers succeed in M&A by driving an efficient process from target identification and due diligence through integration. Midaxo is the leader in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) software and supports almost one hundred customers in the United States and Europe. The company’s public references include ADT, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Hitachi Rail, Philips, and PTC, for example. 

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